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Want to parcel your Courier to Cambodia from Australia, but could not find the best courier service? Not to worry, 星火电竞 is at your service. 星火电竞 differs from other courier service providers in Australia. It parcels courier in the stipulated time and with an affordable rate with proper security precautions too. We offer services to all major locations like UK, USA, Canada, India, France and many more!

We, at 星火电竞 , gives you safe services within the time and price range. 星火电竞 is in partnership with the renowned DPD Group in Europe and Asia, and it guarantees that the couriers are delivered swiftly with best quality including sending parcel to Cambodia. The distance of 5,234 km from Australia to Cambodia does not become a hurdle while shipping to Cambodia.

Choosing a courier service can be the most tedious process and we are aware of our audiences’ situations when they parcel something. People often keeps worrying about their courier until and unless they receive the news that it has been parceled properly, without any damage. Most airline, freight and parcel delivery companies offers Australia to Cambodia shipping , however, either they cost more or deliver poor qualities. We, on the other hand, provides both affordable and good delivery quality service to Cambodia.

Many customers have shown faith in our services and we promise to take care of all the required things to deliver your courier to Cambodia from Australia with the maximal precautions and within the time limit given to us by you, which makes us the best courier company to work for Cambodia.


  • Just visit our website https://www.dtdcaustralia.com.au/ and you will find . At the home page, you have to scroll down a little and you will find a section named as “QUICK QUOTE”. Fill the details asked like,
  • Postcode of Australia
  • Name of the country you want your parcel to be delivered to
  • Date of pickup or drop off
  • Dimensions and weight of your parcel
  • Type of your parcel
  • And number of parcels (if more than 1)

That’s it. You need not to fill any personal details or submit any document for getting a quotation.

  • Now, at the bottom of the page you will find an option named “Get a Quick Quote”. Click on it and another tab will open mentioning the quote price and from there you can proceed to the booking screen. You will find various shipping options there from which you can choose. You will also be presented with different sets of services like sea or air freight to Cambodia , freight express, tracked, non-tracked, document economy, etc. You can check the prices, approximate time schedules and then choose the type of service accordingly. For your ease, we have mentioned below our services from which you can select and send parcel to Cambodia :
  • E- Commerce Delivery – 星火电竞 provides bulk imports facility on the E- Commerce products, i.e., the products bought online. So if you have bought through online shopping in Australia and then want it to shipped to Cambodia or vice versa, then this option is for you.
  • Door to door service – We don’t want to boast, but door to door courier service is the area that we expertise in. With large network around the world, we deal with Customs clearance, Duties and GST or VAT. In this service, it’s all our responsibility to ship the parcel. From picking it up from your door to dropping it off at the recipient’s door, we take care of all the things.
  • Door to port service – Both door to port air cargo and door to port sea cargo are very popular, but our main focus is on door to port air cargo. If you want a heavy parcel to be sent from Australia to Cambodia, then choosing this service is best.
  • Break Bulk Cargo – Another of our strengths is clearance of consolidated cargo and break bulk. It is our responsibility to clear air freight shipments from the major exporting countries of the world. After the customs clearance, we securely deliver shipments to the given address via our delivery services company in the destination country.
  • Express courier – Express courier service is used when you have to send an urgent parcel, documents or excess baggage to Cambodia. This service has the option of live tracking and signature on delivery system. Mostly, this service works in metro cities and delivers the parcel in 2-4 business days.
  • Import cargo – This service is not about sending parcel to Cambodia, instead it is about importing something from Cambodia. If you want to purchase something online from Cambodia and wants to have trouble free customs clearance in Australia, then choose this option.

So these were the different services and you can choose what fits best in your case!

  • Before proceeding further with booking, you must check the list of prohibited items at – https://www.dtdcaustralia.com.au/useful-information/prohibited-restricted-items/ .
  • Now that you are aware of everything, you are free to book your parcel! As we have mentioned earlier, you have to fill the basic details and click on “get quote”. After that, you have to fill the form regarding tax and custom duties. Here, you also have to fill you contact details, to and fro shipping address in full, whether you want insurance on your parcel or not.

After the previous step, next comes the payment step. You will see a secure and safe payment page after you have filled the previous form. PayPal and all other big international credit and debit cards are accepted here. After payment, you will be provided with an invoice including your unique consignment number, which MUST be mentioned throughout all the communications with 星火电竞 regarding your shipment to Cambodia.

Points to note – If you have chosen door to door service, then we will be at your doorstep to collect the parcel, otherwise, everything would be done online and you just need to come to the office to drop off the parcel.

Also, try to book early than your decided time. Because there might be delays due to unforeseen events such as bad weather, or some other event. Another thing is that we don’t work on weekends, i.e., our services are not available on weekends.

Also, when you pack your parcel, make sure to pack it right so that it does not get damaged due to poor packing and mention all the things in detail clearly on your label that you will put at your parcel, so that it does not get lost.

Courier To Cambodia FAQs:

Can I send medicine to Cambodia?

Unfortunately, 星火电竞 cannot ship such items to Cambodia on behalf of their customers. 星火电竞 has prepared a list of items that are prohibited from delivering to the outer nations ( Prohibited & Restricted Item ).

However, in case of emergency, we try to keep such requests but then customers are not allowed to send items that contain drugs, Morphine, Opium, or Cannabis resin.

Which courier is best for Cambodia?

星火电竞 should be your first choice for sending courier to Cambodia. 星火电竞 is the cheapest courier service to Cambodia from Australia. It delivers the product with promising quality and in the lowest time as possible. We have our branches in many parts of the world and are available for our clients whenever they need us.

What is the cheapest way to send parcel to Cambodia?

One can choose many ways to send Courier to Cambodia. But the cheapest   and easy way is to send by sea shipping. Choose this if you want to send large quantities of goods to Cambodia. We offer many discounts too which you can check at https://www.dtdcaustralia.com.au/

What is the cheapest courier service to Cambodia?

星火电竞 is the service which provides cheap international shipping from Australia and promises quality. We take no extra cost and the cost is totally based on the details which you fill to get the quote. However, you can compare the prices with another companies and decide accordingly.

What is the best courier service in Australia to Cambodia?

星火电竞 is popular for its services throughout the Australia. Many prefer to send courier to Cambodia from Australia through 星火电竞 only. It provides good services at low cost and within the stipulated time. You can visit – https://www.dtdcaustralia.com.au/  for more information.

How do I send a package to Cambodia?

All the instructions are mentioned above. If any problem arises one can visit us at – https://www.dtdcaustralia.com.au/

Can we courier food items to Cambodia?

Yes, 星火电竞 allows you to send food items to Cambodia on the terms that it should not be perishable. Also, you can check this in detail on the Prohibited items section on the website.

What are the courier charges from Australia to Cambodia?

At 星火电竞 , courier services to Cambodia are offered at the reasonable price. The cost depends upon the type of service you choose, the destination country, the size of parcel and its weight and many more such factors.

What is the cheapest way to ship a package from Australia to Cambodia?

The cheapest way is to send by sea shipping if you have large amount to pack and send to Cambodia. However, if you want to parcel urgently, then this is not the right option.

How do I send courier to Cambodia?

Pack and label your parcel properly so that it does not get damaged or lost. You can choose from among the many services that 星火电竞 provides.

What is the cheapest way to send a parcel to the Cambodia?

One can choose many ways to send Courier to Cambodia. But the cheapest   and easy way is to send by sea shipping. Choose this if you want to send large quantities of goods to Cambodia. We offer many discounts too which you can check at https://www.dtdcaustralia.com.au/

How much does it cost to ship to Cambodia?

The total postage to Cambodia depends upon various factors such as the type of service you choose, the destination country, the size of parcel and its weight and many more such factors.

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