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We are all familiar with the luxury that is online shopping and dare I  say we have grown a custom to it and the idea of having our goods delivered to our doors in an attempt to be¨Safe.

A few years ago the idea of an online marketplace and competitive ecommerce platforms was just an idea, and noone knew how much the industry would expand.

That got us thinking…How much does Australia and the rest of the world use the online market place and does it seem to be increasing consumer satisfaction?>

Australia surpasses other nations in terms of the amount of customers that buy online at least once a month, but falls behind in terms of high-frequency shoppers.

According to a survey of three of twenty-five countries that tracks consumers who have purchased physical goods online at least once in the previous three months and made at least one cross-border purchase in the previous year, Australia ranks just above the global average but well behind many of our international peers.

In Australia, 84 percent of respondents purchase online at least once a month, which is four points higher than the national average.

Shoppers’ habits are evolving Throughout 2021, rolling restrictions helped to cement online shopping as a permanent fixture within the Australian retail landscape. More households shopped online, and more often, via more channels than ever before. Thats more than 5.4 mil households that purchased online on a monthly basis in 2021…Insane right?

However, when it comes to the countries with the most frequent shoppers, Australia still has some catching up to do. More than 45 percent of customers in South Korea, China, India, and Indonesia purchase online.

With the recent pandemic and unforeseen events, the usage of online stores has increased rapidly, Many people are calling this the start of the digital age and I am starting to believe it.

“Social platforms are the direction moving forward. We are predominantly using Instagram shops and have seen revenue from Instagram shopping grow 123% year on year from FY20 to 21.” – Kasie Heathcote, Group General Manager – Digital & Loyalty at Accent Group Limited “Buy now pay later services h

Info Credit – Australia Post

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