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First, there is the distance that must be covered from the sender of the consignment or the package to the person at the receiving end. Along with the distance involved in shipping the goods, the other basic factor that is used to determine the price of the freight courier is the kind of cargo used by the courier companies.

Freight Courier Then, the following factors to consider are many surcharges for specific types of equipment or services that are added to the rate charged in freight quote Australia . However, the distance and the class of cargo are two key aspects in the process of making the charges for any shipment given by a courier company.

To evaluate the class of the freight Melbourne to Sydney , the service provider will find out the weight of your shipment, the size of the package and then look for if it would be difficult to move the products sent. To do this, they will consider if special loading equipment or additional loaders are needed to load or unload the cargo, and also if the products to be shipped are labeled as fragile and then the freight prices increase.

All this is significant simply because the weight and size are fundamental to know the requirement of space in the vehicle to transport the goods to their destination. In case the shipment is huge and the freight courier has to assign fleet of cargo truck for shipment, the charges will be more shipping, in which several packages can be entrusted to the same truck. Therefore, the weight and size will also affect the amount of merchandise that can be placed in the vehicle, as well as the fuel consumption, which makes these important factors in the calculation of freight charges by the courier company to take your goods to your destination.

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