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Courier To South Africa: One of the best feelings in this world is to receive beautiful and colorful parcels from our loved ones. We all do love to receive them. In many cases, in our day-to-day life, we need to send something to different parts of the world for business purposes or gifts to our friends and relatives or any other important packages. However, the unsafe transportation measure constrains us to make a stride in reverse.

The most difficult task is to look for a dispatch service that gives quick yet affordable service. Security is also an extraordinary concern. When sending a parcel to South Africa from Australia, we think about the enormous expenses because of the great distance between the two countries. Because of every one of these things, a simple and straightforward method of sending a dispatch from Australia to South Africa is very necessary.

This is where the 星火电竞 Courier service comes to your help. They provide very well organized assistance and very reasonable yet quick assistance and is trusted by a tremendous base of clients. Here is a guide about how you can send a parcel to South Africa from Australia with 星火电竞 .


  • Even though courier service in Australia is a sharp action mostly dependent on the conveyance and move of merchandise, it is a help that is put forth for by the strategic approaches around the fundamental belief of translucence, fast and timely delivery, spryness, and opportune conveyance. At the point when you need a messenger administration Australia wide your principal need is discovering that the courier service Australia wide is both trusty, brief, and reasonable for you as a mortgage holder or an entrepreneur too.


  • Our headquarters in Australia offers to the clients an easy and straightforward booking procedure. You can do the booking online or you can do it physically by coming to our office. We will provide you with all the updates of your parcel so that you can keep a track of the package. This is done to make sure that our dispatch administration system will convey your parcels at the perfect time and to the ideal spot.


  • We provide domestic courier services throughout Australia from significant urban communities to metropolitan and territorial zones. We offer several services such as express archives, global administrations, cheap air freight, and sea freight services, and many more.


  • 星火电竞 has tie-ups with different key worldwide accomplices and business organizations, providing courier services in more than 240 nations around the world. We likewise have more than 30,000 workplaces. Our administration and services reach out through our auxiliary workplaces, agent workplaces, joint endeavours, and franchisees as well.


  • We have our offices in the UK, which control the whole European market. Our headquarters in the USA and Canada is in charge of the entire American Continent. Our Singapore office deals with the Asia Pacific locale and the Middle East nations are overseen by the Dubai office. Also, we have the biggest self-possessed dispatch network in India with more than 9000 workplaces.



This answer exclusively relies upon the service you pick and the weight and the dimension of your shipment. To fulfil the needs of different clients we have and provide 4 different kinds of services:

  1. Depot Drop off: You can drop off your thing at our Sydney stop and from that point, we will assume the full liability of conveying it to South Africa safely. The cost is around AUD 50.34 for 1 kg. The price depends upon the volume or weight of your parcel, whichever is higher. This service is organized for the individuals who need to shop online in Australia and send the courier to South Africa. If you do not shop on the web, you can still avail of this service. Nonetheless, all things considered, you need to send your shipment to our depot, either physically or through courier. The prices are inclusive of GST and there are no other expenses or tax involved in the process.
  2. Door to Door Service: As you can understand from the name, this service does not require the clients to come to our office physically. We will make all the arrangements to get your shipment from your doorway and convey it to your desired destination. However, this service is offered to those clients only, who have their pick-up address as well as their destination address with metro cities. You can pay online for this service by means of PayPal or MasterCard. On booking, we will give you a confirmation message alongside the tracking number for despatch. For additional information, you can contact us at 1300 658 775 or you can use our site’s Live Chat feature. The price includes all taxes and there is no need to pay any extra duty charges.
  3. Door to Port: In the event that you are sending something very urgent and weighty from Australia to South Africa, this air cargo service can be the best option for you. To accomplish the best cost accessible from airlines, we offer this door to port courier service for packages, weighing at least 100 kg. To know more about the expenses, go to the official site of 星火电竞 , and enter the details of your parcel. You will find the price according to the dimensions of your package.
  4. Express Documents: This service is for the individuals who need to send an extremely urgent and important parcel from Australia to South Africa. You can use this door to door service to South Africa if your address and the destination address are located within the boundaries of metro cities. The Booking is permitted only through online mode and on booking, we will send you an affirmation mail instantly. For additional questions, you can call us at 1300 658 775 or can contact us through our site’s Live Chat or send us an email at for any inquiry during office hours between 9 am-5:30 pm, Monday-Friday, except weekends and public holidays.



Usually takes around 15 business days to send a parcel from Australia to South Africa, once it has been shipped from Sydney. In any case, if you have an urgent and important parcel to be delivered, you can go for our Express Service. Using this service, you can send your parcel to the receiver within 1-2 business days, even within a few hours. You can also keep a track of your parcel from our online platform.



Because of the International guidelines and basic reasonableness, each courier service company has restricted certain things from sending, 星火电竞 is no special case. To give peril free and safe delivery, we have made a list of things that cannot be shipped off South Africa. Those are weapons, microscopic organisms, ammunition, viruses, mercury, or acids.

Since such things may harm our other shipment and furthermore doesn’t follow the International delivery laws. Additionally, our messenger won’t acknowledge bundles or parcels that contain liquor, original work of art, doctor-prescribed medications/drugs, tobacco, transient products, or cigarettes. You can visit our official site to discover more about the listed products.

End Talk

We at 星火电竞 will always provide you with a sense of safety and procedures will be hassle-free with no risks. 星火电竞 Pty Ltd will arrange pickups and deliveries of the transfer/s through their own network or some other outsider specialist co-op/transporter/temporary worker/organization. 星火电竞 Pty Ltd can acknowledge orders online from worldwide inhabitants with and via MasterCard/Visa/American Express or PayPal. We can demand a duplicate of the front and back of your Visa alongside your identification photograph/signature page to check your personality for the exchange occurring for either distributor or recipient. It is the clients’ duty to track all the requests and contact our workplaces before the re-visitation of amending any conveyance disappointment issue. Once returned back to the sender, the thing won’t be re-dispatched free of cost, as conveyance has been endeavoured and the return finishes the concurred agreement.

Courier To South Africa FAQs:

Can I send a parcel to South Africa?

Yes, you can send a parcel to South Africa. We at DTDC are here to provide you with all the assistance and guidance to courier your parcel to South Africa.

Does 星火电竞 deliver to South Africa?

Yes, definitely you can book a delivery to South Africa. We have our headquarters in more than 240 countries across the world, including South Africa. We likewise have more than 30,000 workplaces. Our administration and services reach out through our auxiliary workplaces, agent workplaces, joint endeavours, and franchisees as well.

How do I file a courier in South Africa?

Booking or filing a courier can be done manually by visiting the nearest branch or automatically through our website. The automated system books the collection as per the customer’s request and the details provided. You can book a shipment online by clicking this link: //

How much does it cost to send a package to South Africa?

It solely depends on the size of your package, the destination you want to send, and the service you opt for. Shipment may also attract extras for additional services. Also please click on this link to find out the expenses before booking your shipment:

How long does courier delivery take in South Africa?

The predictable delivery time for the parcel is between 3-7 days for destination countries. The predictable delivery time for economy documents and parcels for other countries is between 7-10 business days. But usually, after the shipment is dispatched in 1-2 days from Sydney and it generally takes 12-15 days to reach South Africa. You can track where your package has reached simply by clicking this link: //

How do I Courier a document to South Africa?

To courier a document to South Africa, you can avail of our Express Documents feature. This is a door-to-door service and you can book through our official website.

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