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星火电竞 has been there since many years and it has provided a reliable delivery service to all its customers every time. The brand is recognized globally and DTDC courier services are famous for its international shipping service.

Sometimes, we feel the need to surprise someone by sending them complimentary in the traditional form – courier. But most get confused in choosing the right courier service. There are many factors for that, one has to see the rates, service, quality, etc. Only by comparing all these, one can make a formed decision.

Most of the sites do not tell price rates from before, but with us, you can compare the prices easily. Apart from international shipping, we provide interstate couriers shipping also, for example, from Sydney to Melbourne shipping .

In that too, there are many services that we provide, from which you can choose what suits your requirements.

What we offer!

Following are the types of services that we provide:

  • Domestic Courier Services – If you want to send luggage from Sydney to Melbourne , then this is the service for you. Domestic courier services can also be assumed as interstate courier services. Taking care of excess baggage to Melbourne is one of our responsibility here.
  • International Courier Services – This service is applicable when you have to send a parcel from Australia to some other country such as India. Then this one fits best.
  • Customs Clearance – Whether it be commercial items, or personal ones, we provide customs clearance for both Sydney to Melbourne sea freight and Sydney to Melbourne air freight.
  • Bulk Import Clearance – If you have imported something in bulk from overseas, then we provide this service too. We save our customer’s money as much as possible by also providing them cheap courier services from Sydney to Melbourne.
  • E- Commerce – If you have ordered something online and want to delivered it from Sydney to Melbourne courier , then just put our address on the delivery address while ordering and we will take care of rest.
  • Door to Door/ Door to port – If you select door to door couriers from Sydney to Melbourne , then we will pick up the parcel from your door and deliver it to the receiver’s door, in the very low cost. If you have a heavy product to parcel to Melbourne , then door to port service is the best.
  • Express Delivery – If you have the urgency to ship parcel to Melbourne from Sydney in 3-4 days, instead of 7-10 business days, then select this service.

These were the services which we offer. You can make a decision based on your requirements that which service to choose for shipping to Melbourne .

Now you must be wondering on how to send a local courier from Sydney to Melbourne . Do not fret! Here are the simple procedures to be followed, and everything would be completed smoothly.

  • At the home page of our website, on the top section only, you will a box named GET QUOTE. In that box, you will see many questions such a type of the parcel, weight, dimensions, pickup and drop off location, etc. Fill them correctly and click on the GET QUOTE option.
  • Once you have clicked GET QUOTE, another tab will open, on which you will be viewing a screen with various shipping options and services which we have mentioned above. Select the one which suits the most. The price would also be mentioned here, so you can check everything, compare it, and make a final decision on which service to choose.
  • Now, after deciding upon service, you will be again taken to a screen for the purpose of final booking. And also, for tax and customs declaration process. Here, you will have to enter all the details. Before proceeding with the payment, you must go through the list of prohibited and restricted items here https://www.dtdcaustralia.com.au/useful-information/prohibited-restricted-items/
  • Now, the last step. The payment one. After you have completed all the steps correctly, you have to do payment. We accept all international debit and credit cards, and PayPal too. After you have done the payment, an invoice will be sent to you with your consignment number, which by the way, you can use for tracking your parcel too!

These were the simple steps to follow and your booking is done! If you have chosen door to door service, then we will come and pick your parcel, otherwise, you have to deliver it to our office .

Also, you need not take tension about your package. We are one of the top couriers company in Melbourne too and your Sydney to Melbourne courier will be delivered with the reasonable price and in the right time with the best quality.

Instead if entering all the details, which we know is a little time consuming, we are providing you with the average cost for postage to Melbourne .

The price for Sydney – Melbourne courier starts from $11 for door to door delivery services.

If your parcel weighs up to 3 kg. and up to 5 kg., then the price starts from $24.95.

For more detailed information, you can call us at 1300 658 775, or live chat with our support agents.

The courier charges from Sydney to Melbourne are low and we do not take any hidden money.


What is the cheapest way to send a parcel to Melbourne?

As this is about interstate couriers, Sydney to Melbourne road freight service would be the cheapest. It would take approximately 7-10 business days.

How much does it cost to transport a car from Sydney to Melbourne?

It depends upon the weight of the car. On an average, the cost to transport a car through car transport courier services ranges from $300 to $1500.

How much does courier delivery cost to Melbourne?

星火电竞 charges very low, only that much which is necessary. For a detailed information about the price, visit our official website https://www.dtdcaustralia.com.au/

What is the best way to send a parcel to Melbourne?

If you have to send the parcel urgently, then you must choose express courier services. It then takes only 3-4 days to deliver the parcel and with the cheap cost as compared to other services.

Which courier is best for Melbourne?

星火电竞 is the most prominent and best couriers in Melbourne . We have succeeded in being a trustworthy brand and our clients are increasing day by day with good reviews too. There are many other companies too who provide courier services to Melbourne , so you only compare what’s best for you.

What is the best courier service from Sydney to Melbourne?

For your ease, door to door service would be perfect. You don’t have to go anywhere, just pack and label the parcel correctly. We will pick it and drop it off securely. The whole responsibility here is ours. We also provide tracking facility so that you are updated about your product.

But if you have to courier in a large bulk, then we suggest to choose door to port service.

How do I send luggage from Sydney to Melbourne?

Just visit our official website https://www.dtdcaustralia.com.au/ and fill the details in the GET QUOTE section. From there, you would understand how to send courier to Melbourne from Sydney . You can also check https://www.dtdcaustralia.com.au/services/interstate-couriers-australia/ for more details on interstate couriers Melbourne .

What are the courier charges from Sydney to Melbourne?

The price starts from $11 as you can see at https://www.dtdcaustralia.com.au/services/interstate-couriers-australia/ when you scroll till the last.

What is the cheapest way to ship a box from Sydney to Melbourne?

星火电竞 provides cheapest courier from Sydney to Melbourne . But The limit for shipping one box is min. 30 kg., i.e., the box then would be very heavy. So door to port service would be suitable for it, according to us.

How do I send a document to Melbourne?

On the official website, when you are filling the GET QUOTE section, select documents as the item type. Rest all the procedures would be same.

How much does the courier cost for excess baggage to Melbourne?

The excess baggage shipping in Australia starts from $3.90 per kg. 星火电竞 understands the price that other companies charge, and has fixed this price keeping in mind all the factors. We deliver cheap couriers in Melbourne , and same is the case with excess baggage too. We provide Sydney Melbourne cheap courier service with best quality and in the right time limit.

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