Sea Freight From Hong Kong to Australia: Over the times, international shipping has become easy and accessible. Bookings are done in minutes without having to go anywhere. One need not to be tensed about their parcel as tracking facilities are also being provided.

There are many service providers and one tend to get confuse as to which company to choose. But the difference between them and us are that we have gotten only good reviews with time, we provide tracking system, many ways and services from which you can choose, instant quotes and many more.

If we talk in general, then shipping boxes to Australia from Hong Kong via sea freight is the easiest and cheapest way one can choose. But that’s the way that we are talking about. If we talk about services, then it depends on various factors such as the urgency you want to send courier with, the comfort level you want, etc.

So come, let’s take a look on different services with the facilities we provide so you can choose correctly:

  • Domestic/ Interstate couriers – As the name suggests, using this service means that you have to send a courier from one state to another, for eg., from Sydney to Melbourne. We provide top quality service and never disappoint our clients.
  • International shipping – We have the facility of international shipping too. If you want to use international shipping by sea , we give that too!
  • Customs clearance – We give our clients the facility of customs clearance too on both sea and air freight as we are aware of the long lines in customs section and how one can get tired while waiting.
  • E- commerce – If you want to courier something or deliver something internationally or domestically, via online mode, then our E- commerce service is the best.
  • Excess baggage – If you do not know what to do with excess baggage, then you have come to the right place. We deal with excess baggage too and in a very reasonable price as possible.
  • Door to door service – The name itself portrays the meaning. You do not need to go anywhere. Pack your parcel with the correct information on the label and keep it ready for our man to pick it up from your door and deliver it to the receiver’s door. You just sit and track your parcel, rest we will take care of and will not give you a moment to complain either.
  • Door to port service – Well if you want to import or export a product or deliver a courier internationally or domestically, whose weight is very heavy, and is in bulk, then this service is the one you should choose. Delivering the parcel via sea shipping is the cheapest and easiest manner. DTDC sea freight services too promises good quality and your parcel would not get lost if everything is correctly mentioned in the label sticked on the box.
  • Express delivery – Wait! You want to send a parcel to Australia from Hong Kong urgently? Then choose express delivery service that we specialize among many. This service will deliver your parcel in 3 to 4 business days with much lower rates comparatively.

After knowing all the services, you must be excited to know how to book via sea freight from Hong Kong to Australia , right? Don’t worry. Using our website booking a delivery is just a matter of minutes.

  • First of all, get a quote from our official website. Enter the pickup location, the drop off location, i.e., Hong Kong and Australia, respectively. Then, enter the date at which you want your parcel to be picked up, in the collection date box. Fill the dimensions, weight and if you have a coupon code, enter that too. Now, click on GET QUOTE.
  • You will be given many price rates based on different service including sea freight quote so that you can decide smoothly. Choose one and tap or click on BOOK NOW option to proceed with the final steps.
  • Next, another screen will appear with another form asking for all the details such as complete collection and drop off address and date. Fill that to proceed with the payment part.
  • Many do not read the terms and conditions on the payment page and get troubled later. So, for your ease only, please read the terms and conditions fully and then do the payment. We accept PayPal too if you want to keep your credit and debit card information safe.

That’s it! Your booking is done. Now just wait and track your parcel with the consignment number and invoice which we will provide you after the payment. If you have chosen door to door service, then our guy will come to pick up the parcel between 12 p.m. and 5.30 p.m., except on weekdays. If you are not available then, you can also drop the parcel according to your convenience.

Although you will get to know the sea rates through instant quote, we have provided below to get you an idea beforehand.

As one may think that sea freight shipping can be very expensive, that is so not the case. Instead, it is the cheapest way to deliver a parcel! The price rates keep on changing with the seasons so you must keep an eye as to when it is reasonable. Sea –  ocean shipping is also affordable for Hong Kong to Australia courier.

The shipping costs to Australia from Hong Kong is very low as you can see below.

It will cost approximately $235 to deliver courier via sea freight from Hong Kong to Australia , if it weighs 10 kg. and have dimensions as 40 cm * 40 cm * 40 cm.

As you have chosen sea freight as the option, it must mean you have a large weight of product to courier. That’s why, we have given you an average weight, dimensions and its price accordingly.


How long does sea freight take from HONG KONG to Australia?

Basically, sea shipping is of two types – FCL and LCL (Full Load Container and Less Load Container). Port to port delivery service in case of FCL will take 7 to 17 days and door to door service will take 22 to 26 days and it can even take more. Whereas, in case of LCL, port to port will take 10 – 20 days and door to door, 23 – 28 days.

How much is a shipping container from HONG KONG to Australia?

The FCL containers varies in sizes such as 20’, 40’, 45’, etc. The cost depends upon a concept termed as “flat rate”. Here, even if the container is empty a little, you will be charged the same price.

What items cannot be shipped to Australia from HONG KONG?

Any dangerous item cannot be shipped from Hong Kong to Australia. To know every item that you cannot ship, visit this website

How long does it take to get a parcel from HONG KONG to Australia?

It depends on the service type which you will choose. Shipping via ocean freight will consume 20 – 40 days. However, if you are willing to pay more, then air freight will deliver it in less days. Weather, customs line, or any unforeseen situation can cause further delays too.

What’s the cheapest way to send a parcel using sea freight to Australia from HONG KONG?

The cheapest way to send a parcel via Sea freight from Hong Kong to Australia can be ocean shipping. If you do not have the need to send a parcel urgently, then use ocean shipping, which is very affordable. The ocean freight rates of 20’ containers from Hong Kong to Australia is in between $1000 and $4960, depending whether it is FCL or LCL.

Does 星火电竞 deliver Hong Kong to Australia post?

There is a difference between courier services and postal services. Post companies are regulated by government whereas courier companies are private in nature. 星火电竞 is a courier company and it handles the area of courier only.

Can I send a parcel Hong Kong to Australia by sea freight?

Yes, you can send a parcel to Australia by Hong Kong by sea freight, which is an inexpensive way as compared to others. But sometimes, extra hidden costs are also taken, for which you have to be aware while shipping. However, it is not in our nature to take hidden costs, so don’t worry!

How much does it cost to ship Hong Kong to Australia by sea freight?

We have mentioned the rates in the article and in previous FAQs too. If you still have doubts, either get a quote or visit for more information.

Which courier have sea freight to Australia from Hong Kong?

星火电竞 provides you the facility of international sea freight shipping to Australia. We provide you with world class service, not to mention that we have always gotten good reviews. Except for unforeseen events, we do not delay the parcel as we are aware that it already takes many days via sea shipping.

How long does sea freight take to arrive Hong Kong to Australia?

It depends whether it is FCL or LCL; whether you have chosen port to port or door to door. For more information – or you can track your parcel too.

How much does sea freight shipping to Hong Kong cost?

It is same as sea freight shipping to Australia. The difference will be in customs clearance as it varies from port to port. You can get a quote for this or call us at 1300 658 775.

What is the maximum weight one can send sea freight to Australia from Hong Kong?

The minimum and maximum limit for sending sea freight from Hong Kong to Australia is the same, i.e., a box weighing nor 30 kg less, nor more.

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