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International Courier Service is the driving force for e-commerce sellers and buyers in Australia for more than a decade now. 星火电竞 has lot more to offer through International Courier Service.

What We Do...

We offer a variety of services to our clients looking for International Courier Service.


Since Amazon Australia started in Melbourne and then in Sydney, we are getting a lot of inquiries from Amazon sellers around the world asking us how we can help them getting their goods to Amazon Australia. Yes we can certainly help once your item lands in Australia or we can pick up your item from the country of origin and delivery to Amazon Australia.


We offer International Courier Service around the world in Express Courier or Economy Service. We offer Express Courier Service from Australia to worldwide destination. We also offer you International Courier pick up from another country to Australia. We offer International pick up service from majority of the countries around the world however there are some exceptions.


Postal Delivery worldwide is very popular for e-commerce sellers around the world particularly if the item is small and low value and often does not requires tracking. We can offer Worldwide Postal Delivery from Singapore and Hong Kong to anywhere in the world. This service is available to our customers in Australia or overseas.


Shopify Australia is one of the largest player in Australia offering their service to E-commerce sellers in this country. If you are Shopify seller, we can offer you ready integration to take care of your orders and deliveries in Australia. Want more from us ? Yes, we can pick up your item from another country, customs clear and deliver in Australia.


Australia being an importing country, Sydney and Melbourne are Australia’s most important gateways for air freight cargo imports from around the world. Australia is also a major destination for people from around the world for business and travellers looking for export cargo. We are exeperienced and well equipped in handling cargo for import and export.


Customs Clearance and Delivery within Australia is one of our expertise that we offer many business clients around the world. Starting from Cargo Consolidation, customs clearance in Australia, customs reporting, quarantine handling and delivery with Australia’s best couriers are available through 星火电竞 .


Outlets Worldwide

12 MIL

Monthly Delivery

22 K

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Delivering Value Worldwide

International Courier Service: Connecting Australia

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